Osaka Guesthouse KOMA

Welcome to Osaka GuestHouse KOMA

Welcome to Osaka GuestHouse KOMA

The south of Osaka city is called "minami" by the Osaka people.(minami means south)


"minami" is full of Osaka's charms. People say Osaka is the Mecca for Japanese comedy and also a gourmet city.(economical price, good taste)


This Guesthouse is very convenient for tourists. You can enjoy live events, night clubs, restaurants and shopping.


And Osaka has also many historical places as well. For example Osaka castle and the shi-ten-noji temple etc...


And don't forget "America-mura" and "Horie" are good for shopping.


8 minutes from JR Namba sta. and only just 1 minute walking from Sakuragawa subway.

We're just debuted in the june 2009!

Hand-maded GuestHouse "KOMA"


We hope you'll love Osaka. You'll see many travelers who come from all over the world in our lounge.


We're looking forward to seeing you!


Please feel free to come here and relax!